2oz. Free Sample* TarRelease

2oz. Free Sample* TarRelease

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Tar Release is an all-natural, biodegradable cleaning solution that effectively removes tar, asphalt and sticky substances from many hard surfaces.

Use straight out of the container to quickly remove grease and dirt. Simply pour on rag or spray surface and wipe or power wash to clean.

Tar Release is strong enough for the toughest jobs yet safe for light cleaning around the shop and home. Safe to use on most hard surfaces in industrial and residential settings.

  • Removes tar and asphalt
  • Removes sticky substances
  • Degreases engines, transmissions, axles and more
  • Cleans tire and scuff marks
  • Biodegradable

Not recommended for use on upholstery, leathers or fabrics.

* Excludes shipping and handling.  $3.95 via USPS to the US only. Local taxes may apply, where applicable.

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